William Dixson – Texas State Troops, Militia Cavalry, Texas Rangers

Texas State Flag

William Dixson was born on October 13, 1825 in Ohio. He married Louvisa Bedford on June 26, 1851 in Rusk, Texas. They had seven children. Their oldest child, Betty Elizabeth, was the great-grandmother of Eva Buckmaster Musgrove. We may be descendants from Peter Browne, the carpenter on the Mayflower, if we can gather documentation on Louvisa ‘s and her father, James Bedford.  

Parker County, west of Dallas/Fort Worth, seems to have been a center for Indian raids from 1854 to 1874, particularly during the Civil War when regular troops were pulled away from the frontier.  The settlers were continually harassed by the Kiowa and Comanche Indians. At frequent intervals, usually during the full moon, the tribes would over run pioneer communities. They would come in roving bands, stealing the horses and cattle of the settlers, destroying property, committing murder, and taking many women and even more children into captivity and slavery. After the war, it was said more tombstones had “killed by Indians” than “CSA soldier.”

At about the age of 43, in 1864, William served in the Texas State Troops in the cavalry under Captain David Yeary, Company E, Parker County, 1st Frontier District, Texas State Troops, protecting the frontier settlers from the Indians and Mexicans. By 1900, the ranging companies/Texas State Troops were organized as the Texas Rangers. These troops were paid by the state of Texas and were not CSA soldiers, though sometimes the forces worked together.

William died in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas on April 10, 1877. He was 51 years old. Many years later, Louvisa was issued a pension based on his service.


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