Search for Dovey Alpine Piearcy’s Parents Continues

As you may recall from an earlier blog, Dovey Alpine Piearcy was my great-grandmother. I have good sources for my grandparents and four family lines back to Revolutionary War ancestors, but I’ve moved back to collecting sources for all my great grandparents. Dovey is a problem, since she was born four years before her parents married, when James Wesley Piearcy and Bertie Wellington would have each been 14 years old. Dovey is the brick wall research project that I chose for my Mastering Genealogical Proof case study – again see that earlier blog.

Here’s a picture of the James Welsey Piearcy family, probably taken about 1907 based on the age and size of the younger children. Dovey is in the white dress with the dark hair. I’ve obtained the marriage record for Dovey and Andrew Jackson Buckmaster married in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Nation in 1907, six months before statehood. I wonder if Dovey is wearing her wedding dress for this picture, since her outfit is different than the other family members. Though women generally didn’t wear white for their weddings in those day.

Piearcy James Wesley family about 1915

 James Wesley Piearcy family about 1907


There is no indication of race on the marriage records for Andrew Jackson Buckmaster and Dovey Piearcy. The Chickasaw Nation was the legal authority in the area at that time, recording marriages of Indians and Whites.

The leader of our MGP study group found Dovey’s sister (or half-sister maybe) Rosa/Rosie’s death certificate in Texas. She also noticed one of the Choctaw citizenship applications (that I had) listed Bertie as Bertie Daisy Deen Piearcy, so that’s a lead that maybe Bertie was perhaps married to a Deen. (By the way, all the Piearcy Choctaw citizenship applications were denied.) So maybe Dovey was a Deen. I’ve also been contacting lots of paternal DNA cousins trying to find a DNA connection to Bertie Wellington/Willington/Worthington (all the different spellings for last name of Bertie’s father – John Wellington), Dovey Alpine Piearcy or James Welsey Piearcy.  No luck there yet, but if you are a cousin in this line who has had DNA testing performed or are interested in having it performed, please contact me. Or if you are a Deen and anything about this family sounds familiar to you, please contact me. . .

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5 Responses to Search for Dovey Alpine Piearcy’s Parents Continues

  1. Andrea, If Dovie is in the white dress with the dark hair who is the lady in front holding the child?
    Also just use my name as Pauline Mitchell Pierce Via. I have used this for so long that that is the way I am known on the internet in the genealogy circles.

    • Andrea Musgrove Perisho says:

      Hi, Pauline,

      I’m back working on the blog, hopefully at least once a week.

      The lady in the picture is Bertie Wellington Piearcy. Most likely she is Dovey’s mother. I’ve been spending most of my time looking for a papertrail to connect Dovey to some parents, as well as setting up a chromosome map of all the DNA kits and matches. Now that I have that underway, I’ll start writing again.

      Take care,

      Andrea Musgrove Perisho

  2. Lisa Rice says:

    I just started looking up some things about my grandparents that I can remember. My paternal Great Grandfather was John Daniel Piearcy his daughter was Lizzy Mae Piearcy my father’s mother. He would take me to a little domino hall in Stonewall Ok where I spent most of my weekends visiting he and my grandmother. I now remember my grandmother saying her paternal grandmothers name was Birdie. My father died when I was 22 and besides his half sister there were no other existing siblings, parents or grandparents. I would love to know more. I actually just purchased a years membership on a heritage site but have little time to pursue it to see past the tab that says “upgrade now for $$$” & find out more¿ Anyway I havent looked past this blog post of yours but I plan on doing so. If you have any info on how I may find out more about my ancestors I would appreciate it. If theres anything I can do for you feel free to contact me.
    Lisa Rice

    • Thanks for contacting me. It’s always great to meet family. I’ve sent you a guest pass to my Ancestry tree where you can search for John Daniel Piearcy to see his ancestors. For people starting out, I suggest FamilySearch, a free site where people are building one big tree. You set up a free account, then you can log in and update your family details. Once you really get into your genealogy research, you may want your own tree on another site, to give you a little more control over entries the FamilySearch, but it’s a good place to start.

      I’d love to see pictures of your grandmother. I’ll contact you via email.

      Warm regards,

      Andrea Musgrove Perisho

  3. Lisa Rice says:

    I also notice that the few photos I have of my Grandmother bare a remarkable resemblance to Bertie Wellington Piearcy which would be her grandmother. When I was only googling my great grandfathers name I came across a photo of a woman. .”SHE LOOKS LIKE GRANDMA!!! ” ..of course now I know that she was her Grandmother after another google search or two 😉 Thanks again for all your research. Lisa

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