Southern Style Sweet Tea

 For 1 gallon:

  •  8 regular size Luzianne or Lipton tea bags or 3 quart-sized bags or equivalent amount of loose tea in a tea infuser
  • 1 1/2 quarts of water
  • 1 3/4  cups sugar

Tie tea bags together and remove paper tags.  Place water & tea bags in 2 quart sauce pan and water bring to a rolling boil, let simmer about 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and  add to sugar while tea is still hot. Stir until sugar is dissolved. (Adding hot tea to sugar and mixing the sugar well, is the critical step for making good tea.)

 Fill pitcher about half full of cool, tap water. Pour tea/sugar mixture into pitcher, adding more tap water if necessary.

 Serve over ice with a lemon slice, if you have the lemon.  Only make what you can drink that day. The tea is much better freshly made.

Copyrighted, 2012 by Andrea Musgrove Perisho.


Author: Andrea Musgrove Perisho

Genealogy research on my own ancestors is a new focus. Posts will include information about those ancestors including the social and economic issues, along with techniques for research.

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