Musgrove Family Reunion – CD of Family Pictures

Last summer, Aunt Mary Mae brought her collection of family pictures to the Musgrove reunion on Lake Texoma. She and I spent three days going through the collection, which included several unlabeled photographs from the early 1900s. As the oldest daughter of William (Bill) and Eva (Buckmaster) Musgrove, Mary Mae inherited their pictures, including some from Bill’s parents and aunt Odessa (Pennington) Smith.

Pictures were scanned on my Flip-pal scanner, photographed and some originals Mary Mae gave to me to preserve for the next generations. All those photographs are now scanned into my computer and labeled. I’ve just finished making a CD with just over 200 pictures, many from Mary Mae’s collection, but a few others collected from other sources. All pictures are used with the permission of the owners.

While I won’t be able to attend the reunion this year, tomorrow twenty copies of that CD will go into the mail. I’ve already found two mistakes – a name misspelled and a DAR obit inadvertently included. My email address is on each CD to contact me with other errors.

Here’s some pictures from the CD. Could the tall young man in the picture below be William (Bill) Musgrove Jr.-Nora’s brother and Eva’s future husband? And perhaps the boy in the front could be Kenneth Eugene Smith, Nora and Bill’s younger cousin and Dessa’s son? The ages fit. If anyone has these same photographs labeled or photographs of these people at about the same age, please contact me. If this is Eva, it’s the earliest photograph I’ve seen.

Nora Musgrove with musical instrument


The photo postcard below was in both the Mary Mae (Musgrove) Dollar collection and the Norma Ennis (Musgrove) Craig collection.

William (Bill) Musgrove Jr baby postcard picture tagged and labeled.

William Walker Musgrove is on the left in the picture below, but the man on the right was unknown, until I looked through the Norma Ennis (Musgrove) Craig’s book. Benjamin Harrison Musgrove, William Walker’s younger brother, is the man on the right.

Musgrove, William Walker and Benjamin Harrison Musgrove front

Several of the other photographs are still unidentified, but not forgotten. I’ll continue to post the rest of them on the blog and research other ways to identify the photographs.

Have fun at the lake!

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Genealogy research on my own ancestors is a new focus. Posts will include information about those ancestors including the social and economic issues, along with techniques for research.
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16 Responses to Musgrove Family Reunion – CD of Family Pictures

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi, I’m a descendant of the Buckmaster’s. My 3rd Great Grandmother is Rachel Buckmaster, her father is Wilson B. Buckmaster, his father is Wilson Buckmaster. I’m wondering if you might have some info or photos on my Buckmaster line and the wives lines of Richardson, Barnes, Inman. Hope to hear from you. Sandra

    • Sandra,

      Thanks for getting in touch with me. It’s always great to meet a cousin. I don’t have any known pictures of our early Buckmasters, but I have several old pictures with no information written on the pictures inherited from my aunt, but from my Buckmaster grandmother. Those pictures will be posted on my blog at some point. Working on my ProGen coursework has slowed down the number of my blog posts. If you’ll follow my blog, by putting your email address, you’ll see the new posts as they are published. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the people as you compare with any pictures you might have. I have posted some of those unknown pictures, but because of the photography studio, I don’t think any of those would be Buckmasters.

      Warm regards,


  2. Lloyd Eoff says:

    Andrea, I am a descendant of goback John Eoff, and I live in Van Buren co, Arkansas. Would love to share information with you.

    • Thanks for reaching out to me. It’s great to meet another Eoff cousin. I’ll contact you at your email address.

    • Hello Lloyd,
      I am also a descendent of “Goback” John Eoff and right now we live in Mt. View, Stone Co, AR. I am a TX native but married a native of Mt. View five years ago and moved here. After a bad auto accident in July we have decided to move back to TX to be nearer my family. I have done research on my Eoff, Elliott, & McIntire family for about 50 years. I will be 80 this coming Sunday and my research has really slowed down. I would love to here from you and compare notes.
      Pauline Mitchell Pierce Via

    • Lloyd,

      Thanks for your comment on my blog. My message to your email address didn’t get a response, so I’ve sent a second email. If your email address has changed, just leave a comment in the blog and I can pick up your email address there. I’d love to get more details on how we are related.

      Warm regards,


  3. Clark Lind says:

    Hi Andrea! I’ve got a couple brick walls and I think I’m about to knock one down lol I’ve got a dna match (dnagedcom dot com) on 5 of your Musgroves (4357, 4212 6431, 6435, 9174 Musgrove). We can talk through email on more specifics, names, locations, etc. if you’d like. Would love to share info.

    dnaCousin 🙂

    • Clark,

      Thanks for contacting me through the blog. I enjoyed working with you to try to find a most recent common ancestor (MRCA). Several Musgrove and Buckmaster cousins have DNA tests underway. When those results are available in two months, maybe that will help pinpoint our MRCA.


  4. Marilyn Burnett Garner says:

    I have had my DNA tested with Family Finder and Ancestry and my results are posted on GEDmatch but I’m unable to compare my results with your members who share some of my surnames. Are these Kit Numbers posted on your site( Wonderful information and research)?
    Thanks much.
    Marilyn Burnett Garner

  5. Vivian Mcdonald says:

    Andrea, I am Nora Mae’s youngest daughter. I just wanted to let you know that is not Nora in the picture holding the musical instrument. I have not ever seen that photo so have no clue who anyone is- not in Mom’s collection.

  6. JJ Musgrove says:

    Hello and stumbled across your site. Still working on research. I am apparently from the line of S. E. Musgrove (father) to Cicero Edward Tillman Musgrove to William James M. in MS to Phillip Trapnel M. in SC (and on from there). Thanks for your work in all of this.

  7. I am dead-ending with Jeremiah (Jerry) Musgrove, 1832 – 1862, married to Mary Ann (Polly) Tipton, perhaps in Bell County, Texas. He (for whatever reason) joined in the Civil War effort in Kansas, and died in 1862 in an accidental gun-discharge incident. Although I can trace his widow’s remarrriage and her forbears (in Arkansas), I cannot come up with ANYTHING concerning Jeremiah’s parentage.

    Interestingly, Philip Trapnel Musgrove also settled in Arkansas (Pike County) . . . perhaps there is some link?

    Thanks for your efforts, time, and devotion to this pursuit.

    • Thanks for contacting me through the blog. I don’t have any information on Jeremiah (Jerry) Musgrove who died in 1862. If there are direct line living male descendants who would have the Musgrove surname, that male can take a Y-DNA test through FTDNA to see how he matches other men with that surname. Perhaps, that might give you hint on where to look. If he had living descendants that are not in the male line, autosomal DNA matches might give you an idea of where to look when you exhausted all paper research. I’m sure you’ve looked for other Musgrove/Musgraves in Bell County at that time. Sorry to not be of much help. Good luck in your research. Andrea Musgrove Perisho

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