Eoff – Jacob, Peter and Isaac: Three Generations of Patriots

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In an earlier post, we discussed the Palatine German migration and our first ancestor, Han Jacob Eoff who died in 1710 while still in quarantine on Governor’s Island, New York. His widow, Magdalena was listed with two children, John Jacob Offin age 8, and Anna Barbara Offin age 6. Magdalena  and the children somehow avoided the work camps. She married Joan Peter Kassener (John Peter Castner) in New York  April 2, 1711. (The Eoffs were ancestors of Edith McIntire Holder.)

In 1734, Johan Jacob Öff purchased 432 acres in Somerset County, New Jersey. There Jacob Öff/Eoff built a large tavern/inn which was well known for its soft beds and warm hospitality. It remained in the family for several generations. Jacob also donated the land and money to build Zion Lutheran Church, the cornerstone of which still stands today. The small town that built up around the Eoff tavern was called Pluckemin, supposedly so named because of Jacob’s talent at ‘Plucking them in’…

The most famous patron of the inn was George Washington, who leading a bedraggled but victorious army stopped at the Inn on January 5, 1777 to write to Congress and tell them of his victory at Princeton, New Jersey.

One of the first Masonic Lodges, Solomon’s Lodge No 1 F&A&M, Somverville, New Jersey, was organized in the barn of Christian Eoff, one of Jacob’s sons.   

Jacob Eoff died in Pluckemin, Somerset County, New Jersey on September 9, 1780. His wife was Marie Magdalen Spohnheimer.

Revolutionary War Records for New Jersey show that Jacob Öff took the loyalty oath and served as a private soldier. DAR records show he provided supplies to the Revolutionary Army. His DAR patriot number is A037036. He is listed in the Somerset County, New Jersey censuses of 1775 and 1779.

Johann Jacob Öff’s will is on file in the courthouse at Trenton, New Jersey. His estate was estimated at 13,000 pounds and included nine bound books and six unbound books! Who could imagine a small boy coming to America, with his father dead on Governor’s Island, leaving an estate valued over $1,120,000 in 2012 US dollars, as well as having a library of books!

Peter Eoff: DAR Patriot Number – A204951

Peter was born in Bridgewater, Somerset County, New Jersey in about 1734. He married Elizabeth, last name unknown, in 1760 in Somerset County, New Jersey. They had nine children. He managed the Inn for a while after his brother, Christian.

 We don’t know why the family left the relative comfort of New Jersey, but by 1780, they were on the frontier in Camden District, South Carolina. When Peter was drafted, his son Isaac served as his substitute. This was a common practice, with more experienced men staying home to work the fields and manage the livestock. Peter did serve in the militia in 1780 under Captain Jones. Peter died on December 5, 1788, in Madison County, Kentucky at the age of 54. Elizabeth lived in the same area until she died in 1805 at the age of 71.

Isaac Eoff gravestone

Isaac Eoff: DAR Patriot Number – A033811

Isaac was born on January 12, 1761 in Somerset County, New Jersey. He first served in the Revolutionary War, when he was sixteen years of age, in the place of his father who was drafted in Chester County, South Carolina. He served for four months at Charleston under Captain John Mills in Sumpter’s regiment. He then enlisted for ten months in a company commanded by Captain Mills who joined Sumpter. He served four months under Alexander Fagin , was in battle when Sumpter was defeated was in the battles of Fish Dam Ford, Blackstock and Eutaw Springs where he was taken prisoner. He served a total of 201 days. In almost all his tours of duty, he served with one of James Knox’ sons or sons-in-law. We’re not sure when or where he met Margaret Knox, but we’re glad they met. They married on March 12, 1783. They went on to have eight children, all born in South Carolina. In 1810, the family moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky. By 1840, they were in Cannon County, Tennessee.

Isaac died on October 2, 1841. His white marble headstone is located in the Civil War Cemetery in Coffee County, Tennessee just off I-24 at Beech Grove exit at Highway 64. Exit off toward Beech Grove, the cemetery is on the left on a small knoll. The Civil War Cemetery is older than the Civil War. The name was changed after the War because of the many Civil War solders buried there, most with no names on their headstones. This is a federal cemetery and well kept, very pretty and peaceful.

After his death, Margaret moved with most of her children to Carroll County, Arkansas, where she died in 1848, far away from Ireland where she was born.

 This family represents one of the few families I’ve seen, who have three generations of patriots in support of the Revolutionary War.

DAR Logo

My DAR application through Isaac Eoff is pending. If my application is approved, if you are a woman in this family line within three generations of me, you can apply to DAR using a short form. Let me know if you have question. amp



  • “A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710″ Published 1985. This set includes two pages of data on the Off family–see p. 713 of Volume II
  • “The Palatine Families of New York” by Henry Z. Jones, Jr.
  • Peter Eoff – provided a substitute, his son, Isaac. Captain Jones, militia; “Roster of South Carolina Patriots in American Revolution,” AA. 2232A L325. SC Arch Acct. Aud #1004, Roll #4842, SR3362V-pension of Isaac Eoff.
  • Isaac Eoff -National Archives file #3362; served in the army from Chester Co SC #326, Book L. “Roster of South Carolina Patriots in American Revolution,” AA. 2232A L325.

Copyright, 2012 by Andrea Musgrove Perisho.

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Genealogy research on my own ancestors is a new focus. Posts will include information about those ancestors including the social and economic issues, along with techniques for research.
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25 Responses to Eoff – Jacob, Peter and Isaac: Three Generations of Patriots

  1. bonnie slaughter says:

    Chanced upon your site. Peter Eoff is my 5th gr grandfather.
    I am currently applying for DAR membership for Walter Slaughter, another gr grandfather. Excited to have found another one to apply for!
    bonnie slaughter
    new orleans

    • Andrea Musgrove Perisho says:

      Bonnie – My membership to DAR through the Eoff’s was just approved and I was inducted yesterday. Peter’s father is also a DAR patriot, so you have two patriots in this family line. I am through Peter’s son Isaac, who is also a DAR patriot, as is Isaac’s father-in-law. I really wanted to prove this line with 4 DAR ancestors, but it was tough gathering proof through 6 generations of females, before I got to Isaac’s son. Good luck with your application for Walter Slaughter. Have fun seeking your roots. Andrea

      • Denice Claxton says:

        I hope you are still coming here. My Isaac Eoff is my 5th GF, then William P. and his son John Jackson Eoff 1823-1875. I have a lot of documentation including DNA, but need proof that J.J. Eoff is Williams son. Can any one help. So glad to find this.

        email nehsiha@aol.com

        • Denice,

          Good luck with your DAR application through John Jackson Eoff>William P Eoff>Isaac. I’m sure you’re working with your local registrar on the request for additional information. One thing that I’ve seen that connects Isaac’s wife Margaret to the children is a probate record where her heirs are named including sons William, Samuel, Alexander all residing in Coffee Co; John Eoff-Izard Co, Arkansas; Joseph Eoff who died in Harden Co TN; daughters Margaret Kanady, Catherine Buck, Jane Knox. That record looks like it came from Carroll Co, AR, Probate Court, June Term 12 June 1849, pages 5-6 of that probate file. If you can’t find it on FamilySearch or from the county, that record can be purchased through the DAR, since another member used it in her application through son Samuel. Your registrar can help you with this, if you have questions on how to order it. If you already have this record, and the DAR needs more proof that this is your William Eoff, then other documents will have to gathered to prove he was the Coffee County William Eoff named in this probate. In TN and AR, land records can be useful in connecting generations. For example, after William P. Eoff’s death was his land sold by his heirs? I’ve found land sold 20 years after the death naming heirs, when the deed is finally recorded after it moves out of the family. So check those Eoff grantor indexes in deeds for many years after the death, looking particularly for Eoff et al entries, if William still owned land at his death.

          Does anyone else, have documentation connecting Isaac>William P>John Jackson? If so, let us know where it could be found.

          Good luck,

          Andrea Musgrove Perisho

  2. Phillip Lee Wood says:

    I appreciate all of the effort you have put into the Eoff family. When the DAR set the tombstone for Isaac Eoff in the mid-1970’s, I attended with my mother Verda Maurine Eoff-Wood and her brother William Calvin Eoff. My mother’s research traces her Eoff “branch” back from Texas to Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and Germany.
    She started entering data into Family Tree Maker in 1992 at the age of 70 while recovering from a broken shoulder. She managed to enter data on over 5,400 Eoff relatives. She also started on the Branham, Elliot, Jones, Wood (Scot) and Wood (English). I am in the process of correcting typo’s, multiple entries for same person, and scanning documents and photographs.
    regards, Phillip Wood Dallas, TX

    • Andrea Musgrove Perisho says:

      Thanks for contacting me. How wonderful to be there when Isaac’s tombstone was set! Let me know about the good stuff you find as you go through your mother’s work and good luck!

  3. jan eoff says:

    Just checking in and reading good stuff on my family. Thanks for the hard work. Jan Eoff, Clinton Arkansas janmarieeoff@yahoo.com

    • Andrea Musgrove Perisho says:


      Thanks for your nice comments. Do you know if anyone in your family has done DNA testing? We have about 6 members of my mother’s side of the family tested and would love to connect with cousins who have tested. Thanks again,


      • Alicia Woolridge Morgason says:

        Andrea – my uncle’s DNA was tested on familytreedna. My mother and I have been as well, but we have not got our results yet, but we have for my uncle. We are Eoff descendants via Peter Eoff’s daughter Margaret Eoff. (Bonnie Slaughter, who posted a message above, is of the same line – her mother is a first cousin of my mother & uncle). Please contact me and let me know what names have been tested (if you used familytreedna) so I can check and see if there are matches for my uncle’s test.
        Thank you!
        Alicia Woolridge Morgason

  4. Elaine McIntyre Kim says:

    Hi, Andrea. I was recently doing some family research and happened upon your blog. I love the stories. I just mapped out where my McIntyre relatives came from, and when I went to pin Nutten Island, it was so odd. I’m related to Peter and George through my paternal gg grandmother Nettie Mae Eoff. My uncle says all the Eoffs in the US are related. I think I did do the 23andme testing a few years ago, but didn’t know you could connect to folks.

    Anyway, thanks for your diligent work!

    • Andrea Musgrove Perisho says:


      Thanks for your comments. Through Jacob Eoff, I was accepted into the DAR, then was able to add his son Peter and Peter’s son Isaac as supplemental patriots. If you are interested in applying to the DAR, your local chapter should be able to help with the application.

      I’m also tested at 23andMe. Contact me at amperisho@gmail.com and let’s see if we have any DNA segments in common.

      Warm regards,


  5. Kaye Snyder says:

    I’m currently working on being a member of DAR. Peter Eoff is my 5th G.G.F. his son George my 4th GG.
    I’m having trouble finding the documentation proving his birth and 1st marriage to Jane Craig. I understand there my be bible records some place.. Do you have any of this info. ?
    Thank you for any help you may have.
    Kaye Snyder

    • Kaye,

      I’m sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back to you. I don’t have those the Bible records. Looking on the DAR database, no applications for DAR membership through Peter have been made through his son George.

      I am the registrar for my DAR chapter. I would suggest you contact your local DAR chapter, express you interest in joining and ask the registrar for assistance. If you haven’t talked with your local chapter yet, go to http://www.dar.org and fill out a member interest form http://www.dar.org/national-society/become-member/membership-interest-form . In the comments section, indicate you need some help finding records. Either the local registrar or a national DAR researcher should be able to help you with this ancestor or find an easier ancestor to document.

      Good luck in your application process and best wishes for a new year.


  6. Kaye Snyder says:

    Thank you Andrea, my DAR registrar found the records and is sending my application in. 🙂

  7. Pamela Fron says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I have been working on proving lineage for DAR for 2 years, but am still unable to prove.
    My line is through Isaac…William P…Catherine (married to Wiley K. Hudson).
    Catherine wasn’t in the 1850 census; she married in 1842. There is no death certificate for her, so I am hoping to find a will for William P. Eoff.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Pam,
      This is a tough question, but not unusual for this time and place. It looks like you are trying to connect Catherine to William P, with no death certificate for her naming her parents and no will for William naming her as a daughter.

      Have you looked for deeds for William? If he died with no will and with land, the land would have been divided among his heirs. It looks like Catherine died in 1868 before William in 1870, from just my Ancestry tree hints, since I’ve not done original research on this line, but if William died with land Catherine and her heirs should have named in any land sold after William’s death. And sometimes this division might not have been recorded until the land sold, sometimes many years after the death.

      Another option is to use indirect evidence, for example, if you can find a sibling of Catherine who died with a death certificate naming the parents and connect Catherine to that sibling through some record. Expanding your search to the records of the siblings can sometimes provide a connection. If you can’t find anything with Catherine’s siblings, look for William’s siblings, one who may have died with property and without heirs and named Catherine and her heirs in their probate. That’s getting more unlikely, but when you are researching a woman in this day and age, you have to research the FAN Club-Family, Associates and Neighbors to make a connection.

      Be sure to work with your local DAR registrar. She might be able to give you more insight into how to research this line or another easier line!

      Good luck in your research and warm regards,

      Andrea Perisho

  8. Bill w Eoff says:

    just read your history with the Eoffs thanks –have you every heard the story about the flowers (bulbs) tiger lillies that Han and Magdalena Eoff brought with them when they came here from the old country. They must have been in the flower business over in Holland so when Jacob Eoff built the tavern-inn he planted these bulbs at the Inn. my uncle j.w. Eoff while on a trip to the east coast stopped my the old Inn and stole some of the bulbs and brought them back to Arkansas and replanted them when he died and they sold his house his son dug some up and i replanted them at my home here in Arkansas would be the original strand of the lillies . the story told to me 60 years ago

  9. Stephen E. McIntyre says:

    My mother’s father’s mother was an Eoff, and I’ve traced her line back to jacob. I will have to see if this applicable for SAR.

    • Thanks for your comment. The SAR will accept DAR approved patriots. Contact your local SAR chapter to learn how to join. They can, perhaps, save you a lot of work gathering records to prove your connection to Jacob and give you guidance on acceptable records. Good luck, Andrea Musgrove Perisho

  10. Cathy Eoff says:


    I appreciate your research and shall recommend it to my DAR Chapter in Jacksonville, AR. We are Major Jacob Gray Chapter and I have been a member for several years now from my Father, Ben T. Eoff born in Morrilton AR and served in WWII.

    Thank you,
    Cathy Eoff

  11. denice Claxton says:

    I am a grand daughter of Issac and Margaret and I guess going to Peter to. Unfortunately, I am related from their son William P and his son John Jackson Eoff and I can’t fine proof of thier relation ship.. I have so much to prove it but DAR said I need more.

  12. Nicholas Phillips says:

    Thanks for the information! I was able to go visit Isaac Eoff’s grave in Beech Grove Cemetery, Tennessee today. Hopefully a placard with this info can be erected at this cemetery. From the records I found he is my (6) Great Grandfather via my grandmother Margueritte (Franks)Phillips. We still reside in Tennessee.

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