Moses Musgrave

Moses Musgrave, son of Oswin, was bom in Belfast, Northern Ireland about 1667. MOSES died about 5 Mar 1725/6 in Lancaster County, Pa., at about 58 years of age. He married ELIZABETH in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about 1700.

 From the Quaker records, Moses must have been unfortunate in his “affairs of the heart” for at a Monthly Meeting on June 5th, 1695, Moses Musgrave and Grace Roberts said their intentions of marriage. A month later they said their intentions again.  We don’t know whether Moses and Grace changed their minds and did not marry or whether they married and she died.

 On December 28, 1697, he requested a certificate to marry Patience Hussey, daughter of John Hussey of New Castle County. Moses was asked to bring his Mother’s consent. We don’t know if he married Patience. We do know, a few years later John Hussey’s Will did not mention a child Patience, nor did it mention any children of Patience’s.

 We know Moses did marry Elizabeth who was the mother of his children and named in his will.

 On  June 3, 1693 Moses was made a defendant in a suit of alleged defamation of character brought by Phillip Yarnell. Moses succeeded in vindicating himself of the charge and the court ordered Yarnell to pay the costs of the case.

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